October 8, 2013 Last Updated 8:50 am

New York magazine launches redesigned, responsive website

Redesign Uses Responsive Technology on a More Social Page

Press Release:

New York, NY, October 8, 2013 – Nymag.com last night launched a redesigned home page, the result of an innovative, metrics-driven process—with the site’s most loyal users in mind—that began over a year ago. The new home page is responsive, adapting to the device being used and delivering an excellent mobile experience, and emphasizes social sharing. Performance improvement will be seen in faster page-loading time.

NYMag-iPhone5-lg“The nymag.com home page is the most important page across New York Media’s websites, both in terms of audience and advertising,” says Michael Silberman, General Manager, Digital Media. “The new page maximizes what worked on the previous design, while better highlighting our most popular content, including Vulture TV recaps and stories that are taking off with readers. We think this design will feel more like an evolution than a drastic change.”

Nymag.com’s product team worked closely with users throughout the redesign process, from focus groups last fall to live beta testing with 10% of users in the spring. Many changes were made based on qualitative and quantitative feedback received from users. Results from testing were impressive, with a bounce-rate drop from 26% to 18%, and a significant amount of users moving further down the home page; roughly 40% more users scrolled below the fold in testing. Users are encouraged to continue to provide feedback in the post introducing the new page. The modularity of the page and underlying analytics open the door to improving the home page much more quickly in the future – so as the team collects more user data, and as editorial and business needs evolve, there will be continued testing and iteration.

The new home page improves navigation, encourages users to read more content, and adds the ability to share on social directly from the home page. At the same time, it gives editorial more flexibility with modules that can easily be swapped out. The page is designed to complement new, visually compelling ad formats.

New York has won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence in Digital Media three times, and won the 2013 award for Magazine of the Year.

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