New start-up Pubsoft offering cloud-based, software-as-a-service for eBook publishers

The growth in eBook publishing by newspaper and magazine companies means there is more of a need for online bookstore solutions

The rise of eBook publishing has meant that all types of publishers are in need of creating online bookstores. Most major print publishers are they fairly well set – they already have online stores, what they need to do is revamp them in order to be able to sell and deliver digital editions.

But many book publishers, and most all newspaper and magazine publishers who have launched their own eBook lines, need this new online capability.

Pubsoft-logo-smLast last week I received a demo from a new start-up out of Houston, Texas, Pubsoft. Pubsoft creates branded eBookstores for publishers. The stores allow the publisher to promote, sell and deliver their eBooks, and helps the authors brand and track their eBook sales.

Dougal Cameron, Chief Operating Officer at Pubsoft walked me through both the front-facing side of the platform and the backside. The platform allows the publisher to give a lot of control to the author for their own web pages through the author dashboard. Authors can also track their sales and engage their readers through the platform and its author and book pages. When books are uploaded to a publisher’s eBook website, Pubsoft automatically creates an author page.

Screen-Shot-Pubsoft-demo-lgBut the authors I have so far dealt with on eBook projects are not the most web savvy, and Pubsoft allows the publisher to handle as much of the branding and reader interaction as they would like.

In addition to the basics of creating attractive book and author pages, Pubsoft allows for the publisher to sell digital versions that can be read through their own branded iPad app and their own branded HTML5 online reader.

Pubsoft, as a start-up, is still working with a limited number of companies but has a two tiered pricing system for both larger and smaller publishers. The branded app is one of the more expensive features of their solution, as you would expect.

As TNM Digital Media has begun to launch its own eBooks (one in the store, several more on the way) there will increasingly be a need to consider whether it would be smart launch an online bookstore to help promote and sell the eBooks. A solution like that designed by Pubsoft would certainly build a community of readers that can help spread the word about an author and their works – and that should lead to better sales and better author relations (I’ve never met an author that wasn’t in favor of more royalties).

  • Jason Matthews 4 years ago

    Does Pubsoft also act as a distributor and send ebooks to major retailers like Amazon or are all sales directly from the Pubsoft site and app?

    • Dougal Cameron 4 years ago

      We offer distribution services for ebooks to Amazon, Nook, Kobo and iBooks for a flat fee ($99 one-time) and pass all royalties along. We also have a publishing services from a qualified list of vendors that can be integrated into the system; one of them provides physical distribution. If the publisher uses these add on services then all sales and royalty calculations are handled in the software automatically. However, many of our publishers already have great relationships with a distributor or two. For those publishers, we have a simple sales entry input page that allows the sales data for the author dashboard to remain up to date with very little time investment. Thank you for the question.