Netflix adds HD streaming to iOS app; Amazon says current Android apps should work on new Kindle Fire HDX tablets

The end of app updates related to iOS 7 have not ended quite yet, as developers and publishers continue to make sure their apps function and look good on the new Apple mobile operating system. This morning app an update has been released for Citygram, the digital-only city magazine for Austin, Texas by Chris Perez (here is a link to the original story on the app that appeared on the old TNM website). Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine has also been updated to make it iOS 7 compliant, the third magazine app to be updated for this reason.
Netflix has issued a major update for iOS 7 that raises the app to version 5.0 – they’ve even branded it Netflix HD for iOS 7. The update adds HD streaming for iOS 7.

The app description says that streaming in HD requires that the user disable AirPlay mirroring, which frankly confused me a little. I suppose they simply mean that you stream to your Apple TV, but don’t try to mirror the display (that seems logical enough).

The Netflix app remains one of the essential apps for any iPad or iPhone users, and is regularly promoted by the Apple App Store, despite the fact that it might be considered competition for Apple’s own iTunes offerings.

Amazon said today that developers can expect that their currently working Android apps should work on the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets which will be running the Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito” operating system.

AWS-logo-sm“Most Android tablet apps will already run on Fire OS 3.0, as it’s built from the Android open source kernel (Android 4.2.2) and runtime libraries,” Amazon said to developers in an email notice. “In fact, 75% of the tablet apps that we’ve tested that run on Android also run on Fire OS, with no additional development work.”

Amazon also has begun to sell PC and Mac software and video games direct, in competition to Apple’s own Mac App Store.

Amazon’s developer conference is November 12-15 in Las Vegas, and the company is still promoting the event, which means there is still room to attend. Called AWS re:Invent 2013, the registration fee for a full conference pass is $1,299.

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