October 3, 2013 Last Updated 2:23 pm

AOL updates iOS app and brings back ‘You’ve Got Mail’ – adds in iPhone support in time for the 5s

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan would love it, AOL has brought back “You’ve Got Mail” with its updated iOS app. AOL: Mail, News, Weather & Video is now a universal app, adding in iPhone support.

AOL-app-icon-lgOne thing that the app description does not mention is whether the app has made any changes for iOS 7, the typical reason many media apps have been updated. But the app description is the first I’ve seen to mention the new iPhone 5s and 5c (and hence the new iPhone support).

Of course, the AOL app is basically a news and video content app, not the old AOL that Hanks and Ryan would have seen (and I used in the ’90s). Gone are the chat rooms and forums that once drove millions to sign up for one of the first dial up services.

But what is back is “You’ve Got Mail” which can be turned on in the sound settings.

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