October 2, 2013 Last Updated 7:20 am

UK travel agency Hayes & Jarvis launches native tablet magazine into the Apple Newsstand

The travel category is, as the previous post pointed out, an excellent venue for digital magazines, But if the category works for consumer magazines from major publishers, it is surely is going to be a good vehicle for branded content, as well.

Hayes-iPad-lgThe UK travel firm Hayes and Jarvis has launched their own Newsstand magazine that takes advantage of all that the tablet publishing platform has to offer. The new digital magazine contains plenty of photography, video and most importantly, is designed specifically for the tablet environment.

The Newsstand app is free of charge to download and access, as you would expect from a branded magazine.

The app uses the Adobe DPS and while the magazine itself is titled Footprints, the app is named Hayes & Jarvis – all the better to promote the company.

Here is the usual walk-through video:

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