October 2, 2013 Last Updated 7:35 am

Island Life and Times: new tablet-only magazine from Immediate Media Company

When you’ve written about tablet publications as long as I have – dating back to before there were tablets – one starts to see patterns. When it comes to native tablet magazines for the iPad, certain categories are naturals for the platform. Travel is clearly one of those categories. We can probably thank Jochem Wijnands and Michel Elings and their tablet-only magazine TRVL for a good part of the reason the category is so rich (more on them later today).

A number of new travel related digital magazines have been published in the past couple of weeks and the one that instantly got me interested enough to write about is from Immediate Media Company Limited. The new iPad-only magazine is called Island Life and Times Magazine.

IslandLife-iPad-lgFor Immediate Media, this is the 62nd app they have inside the Apple App Store, their 32nd inside the Newsstand. But it is the first one to be designed in landscape, in a native tablet edition.

The app and its contents are free, supported by the advertising, all related to resorts and real estate for Turks & Caicos (you may need to use Google Maps to find the islands if you are unfamiliar with them, I know I was).

“What you’re holding in your hands is something a little special,” writes Andrew Mann, editor for the digital publication. “A true first for the Caribbean, Island Life is a made-for-iPad insider’s guide to the islands.”

According to Mann, the magazine will appear “every fortnight” – which is quite ambitious. But apparently they have worked out the financial necessities and can pull this one out. They certainly have created a well-designed, new tablet magazine.

The video below will do more than just show you the layouts and general design of the new digital magazine. I would like to point out a couple of things that designers might want to keep in mind when designing their own tablet editions.

Usually when I clumsily bring up the navigation bar or accidentally tap on something I shouldn’t have when making a walk-through video I will edit out those mistakes. But with the launch of iOS 7 there is at least one new feature that may interfere with a designers tab page.

Notice how several times the Control Center popped up. This happened twice because I was scrolling to reach the next page of the story. Unless the reader turns this off in Settings, which they can do for apps, this may occur far more frequently than readers would like if they are scrolling right from the bottom of the page.

Designers who who design there digital editions where one swipes to advance to the next story, but scroll within the story to reach additional pages may want to keep the Control Center in mind, reminding readers that they need to scroll by place the prompts along the sides of pages rather than at the absolute bottom (which is where the user must scroll upwards to bring up that new Control Center).

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