October 1, 2013 Last Updated 1:06 pm

Cambridge University Press launches new digital-only publication, Journal of Linguistic Geography

Press Release:

October 01, 2013 –- Cambridge University Press is pleased to announce the launch of the new digital Journal of Linguistic Geography (JLG). Using a unique new template for disseminating journals research, JLG offers easy access to learning through interactive digital tools.

gI_138587_JLGcoverOnlineCo-editors William Labov (University of Pennsylvania) and Dennis Preston (University of Oklahoma) state in their Foreword that “in no other field is the gap between the gathering of data and the analysis so great. The stacks of our libraries are filled with magnificently conceived and executed atlases of linguistic geography. File cabinets throughout the world are filled with papers that have never appeared in print, faced with the problem of reducing maps to miniature black-and-white versions that convey only a small part of the information in the original.”

JLG’s digital tools allow readers to interrogate maps and figures using panning and zooming functionality; to listen to sound samples embedded in the text, and to consult large appendices. The journal features scalable maps and figures and searchable and downloadable data sets.

A dedicated Technical Editor will work with authors to decide which graphic and audio tools will most enhance their articles. The journal also comes with a built-in User Guide to help readers get the most from its features. JLG is hosted on the Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) platform, and benefits from its state-of-the-art functionality.

“The Press is excited to be working with researchers exploring the potential of digital publishing.”

Labov commented: “We are delighted that Cambridge has launched our new journal into the digital age. JLG is designed to transform the way we communicate with each other through new ways of displaying and accessing information – putting the author and reader in charge in a way they have never been before. The publication of work in dialect geography in particular has been severely hampered by the limitations of black-and-white print and we look forward to a format that will display the rich insights to be gained from studies of language in its spatial dimensions.”

Preston added: “Quite simply, we want JLG to help linguistics professionals, and anyone interested in the subject, to better understand how language is made and how it changes. We welcome submissions from across the field and look forward to a lively exchange of ideas and information.”

Chris Fell, Cambridge University Press Digital Publishing Director, said, “The Press is excited to be working with researchers exploring the potential of digital publishing. We look forward to continuing to learn together as JLG grows.”

The first edition of JLG features articles on:

  • Settlement patterns and the eastern boundary of the Northern Cities Shift
  • A multivariate spatial analysis of vowel formants in American English
  • Geographic information systems and perceptual dialectology
  • A book review of Areal features in the Anglophone world

The Journal of Linguistic Geography will be published biannually. View the first edition at http://journals.cambridge.org/JLG.

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