October 1, 2013 Last Updated 7:55 am

Apple tells MobileMe members it's time to move on; Johnston Press digital director moves on to Gannett’s Newsquest as CEO

Morning Brief:

Those in the U.S. had some unique sports options last night on television: they could watch the traditional Monday Night Football, a one game playoff to determine a final entrant into the baseball post season, or watch the Congress as it stumbled to a government shutdown. The football game, as it turned out, was one-sided, though full of offense; the baseball game reinforced the need for instant replay and was absurd (a one game playoff to see who moves on to a one game playoff?). But the game in the Congress proved boring, predictable, and ultimately unresolved – like a cricket match between two schools for the blind.

iCloud-screen-lgApple: this morning MobileMe customers were informed for the last time that their Mobile Me accounts had expired. MobileMe was the worst and most embarrassing roll out of a new program in Apple’s history, with outages and glitches. It was Apple’s first attempt at a cloud-based system that would sync calendars, contacts and other information. Eventually Apple announced iCloud and informed MobileMe members that their services would be migrated to iCloud, but that they would receive extra storage for a limited time. Yesterday that time was up.

As an Apple customer one now gets 5 GB worth of storage, and amount most customers will find sufficient if they do not use the service to back-up their iOS devices. Should they choose iCloud for back-up, however, the storage becomes insufficient pretty quickly. This creates a dilemma: do I do the safe thing and use iCloud for back-up in case something goes wrong locally, or do I save the storage space in order use this for data and documents?

Newsquest: The UK local media arm of Gannett has named a new CEO: Henry Faure Walker, formerly the digital and business development director at Johnston Press, the publisher of The Scotsman. Paul Davidson, currently the chairman and CEO, will continue as chairman of Newsquest.

“I am delighted that Henry will be joining Newsquest, and believe that his abilities to develop and implement strong digital strategies, as well as his appreciation of our print heritage, will further help build on our many successes,” said Davidson in the company’s announcement online.

Both newspaper groups have been in the news lately for their declining earnings and announced layoffs.

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