September 30, 2013 Last Updated 9:08 am

T-Mobile dumps BlackBerry, BB starts selling unlocked phones

The Canadian cellphone maker BlackBerry nearly lost a carrier last week when T-Mobile’s executive vice president for corporate services, David Carey was quoted as saying BlackBerry’s simply were not selling.

Q10BB-sm“A customer will still see a phone on the shelf. If inventory is not available in the store, the device can be ordered,” Carey said. but “”keeping stock in the retail distribution system was inefficient.”

In other words, you can order the damn phone if you want, but you can’t expect to walk out the store with one. How many consumers would want to do that?

Now BlackBerry has announced it will start selling unlocked versions of the Q10 and Z10 smartphone. Prices are $549 and $449 respectively, so don’t expect huge lines outside phone company stores anytime soon.

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