September 30, 2013 Last Updated 9:27 am

Bonnier and Focus Publishing update photography magazine Newsstand apps to make them iOS 7 compliant

More publishers updated their Newsstand apps this week in order to make them iOS 7 compliant. But because Newsstand apps generally use the latest issue for their app icon, most readers won’t see much of a difference between the new and old versions of the digital magazine apps.

Pikturesque-cover-smFocus Publishing released updates for its complete line of Newsstand apps built using the Adobe DPS. Apps updated were Exposures, Pikturesque, Focus Folios, Silver Mag and Joy Wai Gallery (which is a stand-alone app). Each of the apps delivers a native tablet edition.

Focus Publishing flagship magazine, Focus, also has an app, Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine. That app, however, has not been updated since January, and appears under the developer account name of its replica maker, Magazinecloner. The app has only a handful of reviews, all negative, as readers complain or a lack of new issues.

There are, by the way, a couple other magazine apps called Focus, but none are tied to this publisher.

Bonnier has also issued updates to its photography magazine apps to make them iOS 7 compliant: American Photo+, Popular Photography+ were updated, along with the other magazine in the group, Popular Science+.

Each of these magazines used the platform that Bonnier developed back in 2009-2010, Mag+.

Mag+ issued its own update today, for its reviewer app, Mag+ Reviewer. The update to its reviewer app, and one assumes the platform itself, fixes a layer issue.

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