September 28, 2013 Last Updated 10:41 am

Amazon updates more iOS apps, fixing bugs, making them iOS 7 compliant

The giant online retailer continued to update its iOS apps after the release of Apple’s new mobile operating system. Updated late this week were Amazon Mobile and Price Check by Amazon.

Amazon-Mobile-icon-smUpdates were also recently released for Amazon Cloud Player and the most important app for many, the Kindle reading app.

All told, Amazon has 11 apps for the iPhone, and 7 for the iPad as the iOS platform remains an important source for customers for the online retailer, despite the growth of its own tablet line.

Earlier this week Amazon launched a new tablet line, the Kindle Fire HDX, which will come in two sizes just like the Kindle Fire HD. The HDX comes with upgraded specs and lower prices than the iPad.

While Amazon will be accepting pre-orders immediately, ship dates are not until much later. As a result, many believe Amazon rushed its announcement in order to beat Apple to the punch as Apple has yet to announce its own tablet launch event. TNM believes that event will be announced this next week and the date will be October 22. (TNM does not get invites to Apple events, not that we would go anyways, but it would be nice to be invited, right?)

Apple is expected to announce an updated iPad and a new iPad mini, though there is still some mystery as to whether the new iPad mini will come with a retina display.