September 27, 2013 Last Updated 7:11 am

Apple releases update to iOS 7, adds more channels to Apple TV, more iOS 7 related app updates

This morning sees an update to Apple’s iOS 7. No, the old look and feel of iOS has not returned. Instead Apple rather mundane fixes to its mobile operating system, fixing a bug that allowed for uses to bypass the Lock screen, and adding back in the Greek keyboard option to Lock screen passcode. (I think the Greeks would have preferred that Apple send some of their huge cash hoard their way.)

AppleUpdate-lgApple also recently reissued the update for the Apple TV, one that had been previously issued by withdrawn when it turned out to be buggy. Soon after the update Apple also issued an over the air update which added two more channels to the device’s offerings: another Disney channel, Disney Junior, and one for Major League Soccer.

MLS’s service will cost $14.99 per month and is not unique to the Apple TV as it can also be purchased on other iOS devices, Roku, Android and Windows tablets.

Apple’s hobby, as Steve Jobs once called it, now has sold 13 million devices.

TexasMonthly-app-icon-smAnother flock of app updates have been released, most tied to iOS 7.

Google has updated its YouTube app, and Facebook, which had previously updated its main iOS app, updated its Facebook Messenger app. Both apps come with brand new app icons that must have brought giggles to the developer teams when they created them as both icons are now simple-stupid in design. If there is something new that iOS 7 has brought us it is really awful looking icons.

Some developers are clearly struggling to get their apps right for iOS 7. Automatic’s app for WordPress, for instance, has issued yet another update, its third iOS 7 related update as it tries to fix bugs introduced along with iOS 7.

Emmis Communications has updated its tablet edition apps for its city/regional magazines Texas Monthly, Los Angeles Magazine and Atlanta Magazine.

Even simple in design apps have had to adjust to iOS 7. The Magazine, the digital-only magazine launched originally by Marco Arment, but now published under the Aperiodial LLC name, has issued an update that fixes an issue with its settings inside the iPad version.

On the digital publishing platform side of things, Aquafadas, now owned by Kobo, has updated its review app, myKiosk for iOS. This brings this app update to version 3.1, and with it iOS 7 compatibility and other enhancements and bug fixes.

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