September 26, 2013 Last Updated 9:25 am

New UK media apps: Devon Home Magazine, Wilts & Glos Standard, Knitting Trade Journal

A number of new and varied magazine and newspaper apps have been released today into the Apple App Store, from a native tablet magazine edition that at first does not look promising, to a basic news reader app for a local newspaper, to a B2B news app.

Devon Home Magazine does not at first look like much. The app description is about as short as I’ve ever come across: “Inspiration and ideas for your living space” – not even a period at the end! Then there is the fact that there is only one screenshot for this new iPad Newsstand app. Not a good start.

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But the app is actually a native tablet edition that uses the Adobe DPS to create its digital magazines. The company behind the app is We Make Magazines Ltd, and because they are also from Devon one might guess that they might be the publisher, as well. It’s all a bit of a mystery, but that is not that unusual as sometimes it is hard to tell the publisher from the vendor inside the App Store. (in this case, the developer and publisher are one and the same.)

The page designs and programming are pretty simple here, but it works and all the content, as well as the advertising, are easy to read. Both the app and its one issue inside are free of charge to download and access.

Wilts & Glos Standard is one of two new stand-alone news apps released by Newsquest, the local newspaper arm of Gannett in the UK. Gazette Series is the other.

WilsGlosStandard-iPad-lgNewsquest has 24 different iPad app inside the Apple App Store. A number of them are Newsstand apps for such newspaeprs as the Worchester News and the Northern Echo. But those Newsstand apps are care of PageSuite and are, of course, replica editions. The apps have not been updated is well over a year.

The newer apps are news apps that use the local newspaper’s RSS feeds to populate the apps. They are all of identical design and not exactly very attractive.

One would like to say that Gannett in the UK is ahead of where Gannett in the US is, but both sides of the Atlantic are not exactly breaking new ground with their digital publishing efforts.

KTJNews-iPad-lgKnitting Trade Journal HD is an app for the B2B journal of the same name, published by MCL Global of West Yorkshire.

Like the newspaper apps from Newsquest, this one is a simple news app, as well. The app appears under the developer’s account name of me-too-net Ltd this is the second app for both the publisher and vendor – the first one for Ecotextile News HD. There are identical, separate apps for the iPhone, as well.

The developer has one other app inside the Apple App Store called Horsemeat or not? If you hadn’t been following the news in the UK you might have missed the news that there was a bit of a scandal this spring in the UK involving horsemeat, labeled as beef, being sold by such firms as Bird’s Eye, Taco Bell and Tesco.

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