September 26, 2013 Last Updated 10:29 am

House GOP say Net Neutrality must be sacrificed in order to reach debt ceiling deal

The conservative column for the National Review, The Corner, is reporting that the GOP has set its demands for any debt ceiling deal – and those demands include the end of net neutrality. The document, which came from House Appropriations Committee staff, lists a series of demands including lots of goodies for the energy industry like approval of the Keystone Pipeline and an end to regulations on offshore drilling and coal.

But Internet users will lift their heads up off their desks over the GOP’s official stance on net neutrality, a popular position among young voters. The House GOP simply are lumping regulations on equal treatment of web traffic in with other regulations that effect big business. It’s gotta go.

The House GOP also want means testing for Medicare, tort reform, repealing the Public Health trust fund and end to Dodd Frank and other items that have absolutely no chance of being approved by either the Senate or the White House.

Skeptics believe the House Republicans are simply posturing before caving on the debt ceiling knowing that destroying the credit of the United States is not something voters will think would be a smart move. But others wonder whether the GOP leadership has lost control of the situation and will have to go along with members who insist on massive concessions to approve raising the debt ceiling.

Of course, all this may end up being a sideshow if the President decides to bypass the Congress and order the government to live up to its financial obligations. Be prepared to pass the popcorn come October.

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