September 25, 2013 Last Updated 7:04 am

The world's oldest newspaper, Lloyd's List, to go digital-only

The world’s oldest newspaper, Lloyd’s List, founded in 1734 to provide shipping news, has thrown in the towel on print and is going digital-only. The newspaper said today that beginning on December 20 no more print newspapers will be produced.

lloydsList-front-1814-lgLloyd’s List was founded by Edward Lloyd, who was the owner of Lloyd’s Coffee House in London. The paper began publishing at least as far back as 1692 as a weekly newsletter, but its history as a weekly newspaper can be traced back to 1735.

“What started life as a printed notice pinned to a coffee shop wall in London is now the shipping industry’s most sophisticated online intelligence tool, accessible in any coffee shop – indeed anywhere in the world – 24 hours a day,” wrote Richard Meade, editor of the paper. “We have consistently evolved over the years to give our customers a competitive advantage by helping them make informed business decisions based on reliable, accurate and trusted information. Today we deliver our content anywhere, anytime, as our customers demand it. The success of our digital offering has been unequivocal and the vast majority of our customers now rely on the enhanced capabilities of digital. That is why Lloyd’s List is now set to become a digital only service.”

Meade says the decision follows extensive research into the move. “Less than 2% of our readers currently use print-only and no other means to access Lloyd’s List. We have already undertaken years of investment in our digital and mobile platforms, but the move away from print will allow us more time and resource to build on that with innovative approaches to data and a more bespoke service that offers content tailored to individual customer needs,” wrote Meade today.

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