September 25, 2013 Last Updated 2:35 pm

Announced dates for iOS 7 Tech Talks all but gives away date for iPad event: it’s October 22

Apple announced the dates for its iOS 7 Tech Talks that will be held in San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin and London. The App Developer Days are once a week except for one week in October, the same week many has anticipated that Apple would hold an iPad launch event.

AppleTechTalks-lgMost observers (well, TNM anyways) put their money on Tuesday, October 22 as the most logical date for the next iPad event. It turns out that Apple will be holding Tech Talks on October 8 in San Francisco, then October 15 in New York. The next one is Wednesday, November 6. That leaves an obvious hole on the 22nd, doesn’t it?

Apple will also be holding Game Developer Days, one day after the App Developer Days in the same cities. Again, the week of the 22nd is open.

“To apply, you must be an iOS Developer Program member or iOS Developer Enterprise Program member, 13 years of age or older, as of the announcement of the iOS 7 Tech Talks (10 AM PDT, September 25, 2013). Attendees will be randomly selected from qualified applicants,” the Apple site states.

These things fill up pretty quick so if you’re interested I’d sign up immediately.

There is no Apple Tech Talk events scheduled for Chicago. Guess we remain pretty backwoods. Maybe BlackBerry will hold an event here.

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