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YUDU to release app building platform that creates app in different languages

Press Release:

LONDON, Sept. 24, 2013 — YUDU Media, a leader in multi-platform publishing, today announced the release of AppFactory, an extension to YUDU’s Easi-App product that allows publishers to rapidly create apps for iOS and Android . Available to YUDU’s global partners, the new AppFactory empowers service providers to publishers around the world to automatically create apps for their clients, overcoming the need for local language support or the assistance of YUDU’s technical team. AppBuilder is scheduled to go live on October 1, 2013. YUDU will also showcase AppFactory at the FIPP World Magazine Congress from September 23 to 25 in Rome.

“Previously, developing a magazine app was a more bespoke process,” said Richard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU. “Publishers had to provide us with brand assets and then a team of technicians had to manually construct the app. Language barriers made it challenging to provide this service to publishers in distant countries. AppFactory surmounts these obstacles by giving Global YUDU Partners anywhere the ability to quickly produce apps for local clients without our intervention.”

A cloud-based, white-labeling web application, AppFactory provides a user friendly development experience for anyone servicing the print industry. AppFactory publishers gain access to a standard template of code that can be customized with their client’s brand assets and then tailored to the client’s exact specifications through a wide array of configuration options. The final result is a Easi-App container app.

“AppFactory caters to both established service providers to publishers such as printers and an exciting new breed of e-publishing entrepreneurs,” explained Stephenson. “AppFactory requires no coding skills whatsoever, which means that publishers are freed to focus on top-notch graphic design, in-app options and configurations that make the greatest difference for the reader experience.”

AppFactory will allow publishers to attain the same high quality end product that YUDU’s technicians have provided for magazines like Time Out, Financial Times and The Saturday Evening Post., among others. AppFactory will be rolled out in two phases starting with iOS apps followed by Android.

With the AppFactory release scheduled for October 1, 2013, YUDU has opened preregistration for new applications to become a YUDU Global Partner so that publishing partners will be able to take advantage of the platform immediately it goes live. Partners will be invited to attend YUDU AppFactory training webinars in the coming weeks. Migration packages will also be available for existing YUDU customers.
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