September 24, 2013 Last Updated 1:35 pm

Hacker Magazine from Russian publisher Gameland comes with its own user warning

Some product warnings make some sense, like those warnings on packs of cigarettes. Others are completely absurd like the warning on bottles of wine: don’t drive a Mack truck while drunk and pregnant – I promise not to do that, OK?

But one rarely sees warnings inside magazines. One, I suppose, might expect to see something like that in a skin magazine, but who would take it seriously anyways, and besides, who can afford to waste a page of print?

HackerMag-iPad-lgBut the new Newsstand app from Bahra Technology Corp. which publishes their apps under the Gameland developer account name contains a warning early in its digital magazine issue (see here at right.

Hacker Magazine is the first digital magazine app to appear from Gameland that is in English and is a strong clue that Apple’s App Review team is pretty much letting anything into the App Store these days.

“All articles are written exclusively for educational purpose,” the warning reads. “Hacker magazine and its authors strongly believe in ethical hacking. You should not practice any of the techniques described here on a system or network that isn’t your own.”

Wink wink nudge nudge.

The digital magazine appears to use the Mag+ platform to create its digital issue and the design is pretty simple which leads to a fairly modest file size of around 76 MB. The issue itself only contains a handful of articles which also keeps the file size down.

The app and its issue are free to download and access, but whether it contains malware was one of the first things that crossed my mind when I opened up the issue. I don’t know, seeing articles like “Cyber-Criminals Choose Java!” have me a bit uncomfortable. Is this really what Apple had in mind when they launched the Newsstand?

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