September 23, 2013 Last Updated 11:49 am

Travel + Escape: Canadian TV channel updates adventure magazine Newsstand app

Some categories seem to me to be perfect for the tablet publishing platform, music and film, for instance. But it has been the photography and travel categories that appear to be leading the way. Bonnier and Future’s photography efforts are especially good examples of the platform’s capabilities – and TRVL and the National Geographic are wonderful efforts, as well.

TravelEscape-iPad-lgTravel + Escape Magazine is the tablet edition produced by the Canadian national television channel. The original Newsstand app was launched in March and was updated this weekend to bring support for iOS 7 and updated push notification functionality.

The Newsstand app is universal and designed for landscape. This is the design decision a lot of publishers make when they can design something from scratch as this is the orientation that usually works best for both photography and video.

Of course, what differentiates Travel + Escape from many other digital magazines is its access to video, but the magazine relies heavily on photography like all travel magazines, and it does an excellent job of working in its photography. In the preview issue, for instance, one sees several different ways they handle photography, including one story where the photos can be dragged in from the right (see walk-through video below).

The app offers a free issue if you sign up for a subscription and single issues are priced at only $1.99, continuing the trend hated by print publishers of low priced digital magazines. The walk-through video is of the preview issue as it is a compilation of different issues, a unique and inventive way to offer a preview. It also sells the issues found inside and so is a great marketing tool.

The publisher of Travel + Escape Magazine is also behind the Newsstand magazine AUX which was also updated for iOS 7 compliance. That app has received overwhelming positive reviews from readers inside the App Store and is free of charge to download.

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