September 23, 2013 Last Updated 3:13 pm

Companies launch new eBook publishing and bookstore solutions for small publishers

Two companies sent press releases to TNM today concerning eBooks: one was a publishing solution, the other a bookstore solution. There are nearly 100 companies that provide production solutions to magazine publishers, one can expect that there will also be a growth in publishing and distribution services targeting book publishing companies and self-publishers.

The book and magazine industries share a common problem: managing the various tablet platforms to produce a consistent product.

One of the press releases I received today was from Rocksauce Studios who are promoting its self-publishing platform ReadRover. Although they do not mention it, their pricing can be found on their website and it is not exactly cheap: their solutions range from $999 to $2999. On top of that, those prices are said to only apply on eBooks up to 25 pages. That $4 and up per page. Who says digital is cheaper than print?

Here is the press release from Rocksauce Studios:

Rocksauce Studios Launches ReadRover App and Website for Self-Published Children’s Authors

Interactive platform serves as easy-to-use template for a better storytime experience

AUSTIN, Texas— Rocksauce Studios—an Austin, Texas-based mobile design and mobile app development studio responsible for Small Call, TickTalk, Brewski Me, Tripini, and more— today announces the launch of ReadRover, a self-publishing platform created for children’s book authors. Available for iPad and Android tablets, ReadRover and its accompanying submission website offers an elegant and affordable template for authors and an interactive story experience for families and children to enjoy.

ReadRover-icon-smEnabling self-published authors looking to release their books in an unconventional way, ReadRover is an innovative app that helps writers who seek to reach young audiences around the world. Unlike most e-books, published and purchased through online bookstores, ReadRover allows authors to make their books available through a downloadable app on iPad and Android devices. By utilizing a platform that young readers are engaging with to discover new books, ReadRover allows publishers to target their audience directly and increase their visibility in the growing app industry. The app is the first of Rocksauce Studios’ mobile solutions that will offer attractive template-based solutions to assist companies, brands, and individuals with their mobile goals.

ReadRover Makes it Personal

Different from conventional e-books, ReadRover allows authors to provide an audio component to their written and illustrated works, creating a complete storytelling experience. Individual audio files for each page bring the book to life as children read and turn the pages while the recorded story is read aloud.

To add a personal touch, ReadRover gives readers the chance to record their own audio to any story. Create a customized and special experience when family members, friends and even the kids lend their own voices to the characters in each book. ReadRover also acts as an educational tool, helping to measure children’s reading skills. Simply have children record themselves reading the story aloud, and parents, teachers and tutors can play the audio back – at their convenience – to track their progress.

Get Published in Just Three Easy Steps

Once the book is written and illustrated, authors can purchase their desired publishing package on, and then upload their original artwork and layout files with help from specific ReadRover guidelines. Authors then only need to upload their desired audio files for each page, and their ReadRover Book will begin to be built. Since ReadRover was designed with authors and illustrators in mind, the interface is simple and easy to use, without any need for overly complex animating sprites or interaction points.

ReadRover is now available for download on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon, and will soon be available on the Barnes & Noble Nook Store.