September 23, 2013 Last Updated 10:05 am

Chitika finds Kindle Fire tablet increases its lead in web traffic among Android tablets

The online ad network company Chitika released its findings concerning Android tablets last week, finding that the Kindle Fire remains the overall leader among Android tablets, despite the launch of the Nexus 7 this summer. The study looked at North American web traffic from June to August, tracking online ad impressions. The sample size was about 300 million U.S. and Canadian impressions measured by page views rather than unique users.

“The increase in Kindle Fire web usage share strengthens the device’s lead as the dominant Android tablet in terms of North American browsing activity. However, at a monthly average of 40.7%, Kindle Fire usage share is only about one percentage point higher than what was observed two months prior in June 2013,” the Chitika Insights authors said in the report.

Chitika finds that Samsung’s market share of web traffic among Android tablets is holding steady around 29 percent, which Amazon’s share is at 40 percent.

Chitika recently released a report that continued to show that the iPad remains. by far, the most dominate tablet on the web, with over 80 percent of web traffic as reported by ad impressions. That report came as the overall tablet market share for the iPad was falling. In fact, one research firm reported a dramatic rise in Android tablets, though that report was highly controversial and most likely highly flawed (which is why I am not even linking to it here).

Chitika’s report anticipates further tablet sector growth to reveal itself just after the holiday season passes, as it did last year.