September 20, 2013 Last Updated 11:09 am

Apple’s iOS 7 brings more revised apps than any previous new mobile OS update

New iOS 7 related updates for Newsstand apps for Gramophone, Jazzwise and Blues Matters! from Exact Editions

For Talking New Media, this is the fifth cycle of mobile OS updates media app developers have had to deal with, and ignoring the very first one, no other update has brought about as many updated apps as iOS 7 has.

One reason for this is that Apple pushed developers to make sure their apps would work under iOS 7. Another reason, of course, is simply the number of apps now in the App Store. But the big reason is the major UI change associated with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Developers and publisher have found themselves in a bit of a bind: do they update their apps before the launch of iOS 7, or after its launch? One of the determining facts surely is the confidence the developer has in the soundness of their update. Quite a number of developers, who launched updates over the past two weeks, have had to rush out another update as they are discovering bugs once the new apps are out in the open,

Camera+-app-icon-smCamera+, for instance, updated their app to version 4 on Wednesday and immediately discovered a bug.

“Right after we submitted Camera+ 4, we realized that the newly added “report a bug” feature crashes in iOS 6. This is what we get for hiring a Vice-Minister of Irony. Anyway… there’s a 4.0.1 update coming out very shortly that addresses this and a bunch of other little things,” the developers wrote inside the App Store in a great example of communicating with style with their users.

The update to version 4.0.1 followed today and the app description comes with an interesting point: automatic updating of apps means uses won’t necessarily be going to the App Store to see what is in the update, their device will do the update automatically.

“Who needs release notes when you now have automatic updating?” the app description reads.

“For those of you who are still paying attention… we’ve fixed some bugs and put an everlasting shine on the new UI just for you.”

The WordPress app, which was also updated early, has also issued a new update to fix bugs that were discovered since the release of iOS 7.

In other cases, the large number of apps a developer has is requiring them to release the apps over time, with some released before iOS 7’s debut, and others after. Google today, as an example, released an updated version of Google Translate specifically for iOS 7, bringing the app update to a nice round version 2.0.0.

Some app updates get you a little worried. BULLETT magazine today issued an update and says the update is brought about by the v27 of the Adobe DPS. That’s nice, but the latest version is v28!

seo_cw_productNext Issue, the digital newsstand project backed by Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp., and Time Inc., issued a newly updated app. In addition to support for iOS 7 there is other new features involving issue downloads. The app also allows the user to limit the number of issues maintained on the reader’s iPad in order, one would suppose, to save storage space.

Exact Editions, which has 92 iPad apps under its name inside the Newsstand, has been issuing updates for its titles throughout the week. Today several music titles were updated this morning including Gramophone, Blues Matters! and Jazzwise.

Exact Editions has a nice selection of titles available including Publishers Weekly, though why a publisher would not want them seen under their own name is a bit of a mystery to me.