September 18, 2013 Last Updated 12:48 pm

iPhone, iPad users update their apps, find they won’t install, at least not yet

Just after 10 am this morning, Pacific time, a series of app updates were released for some of Apple’s most important third party apps. The New York Times,’s Kindle reading app, and others.

iOS7-warning-lgEach of the apps proclaimed in their app descriptions that they were iOS 7 ready, as many other apps said earlier this week.

The big difference is that users will find that they will not install on their devices as iOS 7 has not shown up in their update windows just yet.

The apps that will behave this way run the gamut from games to utility apps to media apps. So far, at least, none of Apple’s own apps have produced a warning about the inability to install them.

As iOS 7 rolls out over the rest of today and more and more users can update their devices, these warnings will go away. Except, of course, for those owners of older iPhones and iPads. For them, Apple has reserved a new message telling them that the new apps will not load on their devices and that there may be an older version available for them to download.