September 18, 2013 Last Updated 11:12 am

Bonnier’s photo magazines team up with Sony to produce new print, digital title: Imaging Edge

While it was Bonnier that created the Mag+ platform, it is not true that all of Bonnier’s tablet editions are using the platform. The first to do so was the team in the Tech division that includes Popular Science, Popular Photography and other titles. In fact, it was Popular Science that was able to launch an interactive tablet edition immediately following the launch of the original iPad in April of 2010.

ImagingEdge-iPad-lgAmerican Photo and Popular Photography recently launched a brand new Newsstand app for a start-up magazine Imaging Edge. The title will appear in both print and for the iPad and is – though it does not come right out and say this – is an advertiser driven product, produced with Sony. Because of this, both the app and the issue inside is free of charge.

Journalists will wince a bit when looking at the new magazine as it is not exactly transparent about its ties to Sony, though it is hard to miss when one sees that Sony dominates the advertising – there is also an ad for Zeiss lenses – and the very first article is an interview with Helen Rosner, an editor at the Bonnier owned title Saveur. Rosner is the executive digital editor at the publication and apparently also is the “unofficial” staff photographer – and lo and behold she uses a Sony camera.

It used to be common practice to label these types of products as advertorial, or at least advertiser sponsored, but I guess that’s very old school now I guess.

ImagingEdge-2-iPad-lgBut the basic idea here, to create another revenue opportunity through both print and digital is a very good one, and the design of this particular tablet edition is excellent.

The iPad version uses both portrait and landscape orientations and the pages layouts are fairly simple and enjoyable to read. The scrolling text box with the gadgets story is a bit odd as it actually floats inside its frame, but otherwise everything seems to work as intended.

The development team got a little lazy with the app description inside Apple’s Newsstand, however. Only one screenshot was used, the cover, and the app description itself is minimal. This would have been a good place to have mentioned the tie-in with Sony, for instance.

The issue contains no masthead or editor’s column, another sign of the advertiser tie-in. But a quick look at the “About” section tells you what you really need to know: it doesn’t say About Imaging Edge, instead it reads About Sony.

Update: Look for a more in-depth story soon on the origins of Imaging Edge and the lessons learned from its creation by the Bonnier team.

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