September 17, 2013 Last Updated 10:35 am

Sports apps look to promote both professional and amateur athletics inside the App Store

The football season is well under way now and the App Store is being flooded with a series of new apps – both stand-alone and inside the Newsstand – that look to promote sports teams and amateur athletics. The new apps run the gamut from professionally designed digital magazine issues, to rather rudimentary news feed applications.

InsideUCLA-iPad-lgThe Los Angeles Newspaper Group (LANG), a division of MediaNews Group, which itself is part of Digital First Media, has launched a new stand-alone app called Inside UCLA. The app is the third sports app released by the group, having launched Inside the Dodgers this summer, and Inside the Lakers this spring.

The apps use the Adobe DPS to build their apps and digital issues. The LANG team has chosen not to move these apps into the Newsstand but keep them as stand-alone apps, possibly for marketing reasons. These sports apps are far better than the chain’s replica edition newspaper apps.

The new app only contains an August issue which is unfortunate as UCLA beat up on Nebraska this Saturday and it would have been timely to have a new issue available inside the app’s library to cover the game.

Detroit Lions for iPad was released this weekend under a developer account name of the football team itself. An iPhone app was released a year ago.

The apps actually come from YinzCam Inc. and are driven by RSS feeds. Unlike the sports apps from LANG, these apps do not try and present its material in a magazine-like fashion, but simply as text stories.

The app, though, has plenty of video to offer as it is the property of the NFL and the football team – post-game press conferences and interviews being the main content.

There is also a section for live video and gameday radio available which will make the app very useful for fans of the team.

Outsiders will spot the frequent use of the Ford logo throughout the app. This is explained by the fact that the team is owned by William Clay Ford Sr. and plays at Ford Field. The team has been in the NFL for a long time and has a rich history (I’m from Detroit, by the way). The team started as the Portsmouth Spartans in 1929 but became the Detroit Lions in 1934. It won its first NFL title in 1935, but its most recent championship was in 1957.

Carolina-iPad-lgThe Educational Foundation, Inc. is the developer account name used for a newly launched Newsstand app called simply Carolina. The foundation is better known as the Rams Club.

The digital magazine app uses the Adobe DPS to create a free magazine that follows the athletics of the University of North Carolina.

The plans for this digital edition are pretty ambitious as the app will offer a new digital magazine each week. The new app comes with four issues dating back to August 27, and readers can subscribe and take advantage of the Newsstand’s ability to download the newest issue automatically.

The digital magazine can also be accessed directly through the Rams Club website via the Adobe Content Viewer (link to newest issue cover), presenting readers an exact copy of the digital magazine as one sees it on the iPad.

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