September 17, 2013 Last Updated 4:25 pm

One day before release of iOS 7: platform updates issued and others anticipated

Several major magazine publishing platform companies today issued app updates in preparation for changes that will occur following tomorrow’s release of iOS 7 by Apple. One can probably expect more publishing platforms to tweak their platforms and their supporting apps as necessary over the next week or two, as well.

AdobeReviewer-icon-smAdobe, which yesterday announced the release of v28 of its Adobe DPS, today issued an update for its Adobe® Content Viewer app. The app description states that the app supports iOS 7, and also requires iOS 6 or higher.

Mag+ updated its Mag+ Reviewer app on September 4. Last year Mag+ updated the app three times near the date of iOS 6’s release, so another update can probably be expected soon.

FutureFolio Viewer, the review app for the platform owned by Future plc, was last updated July 31 and so will likely need an update very soon in order to make sure the platform is compliant with iOS 7. (Future today updated its Photography Week and LeNs magazine apps.)

The same situation applies to Quark, which last updated its App Studio Issue Previewer app on July 16.

Of course, an update to the reviewer app is not always necessary as several platforms have not had to update their reviewer apps in conjunction with changes to their platform, while others routinely update the app and keep their reviewer app at the same version state as the platform itself.

The digital newsstand owners, too, may be required to update their iOS app as we near the release of iOS 7. Zinio today updated its newsstand app, which is now called Zinio – 5,000+ Digital Magazines. The app description says the update is due to “compatibility improvements” and bug fixes.

Next Issue updated its newsstand app on September 7, while Magzter last updated its Magzter – Magazine store app in July.

Nxtbook, meanwhile, has issued three updates to Nxtbook Nxtstand in September alone, though all three only mention “fixes and improvements” and do not say anything about iOS 7. It’s update on August 11 added support for HTML5 animations.

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