September 17, 2013 Last Updated 4:11 pm

Barnes & Noble sends warning to NOOK for iPad and iPhone users: could be trouble with iOS 7

The NOOK team at Barnes & Noble sent out a warning to its iPad and iPhone app customers: if you plan on upgrading to iOS 7 tomorrow you might run into a couple issues.
According to an email sent to customers this afternoon, readers using one of the iOS apps will find that pages might not render properly if they turn the orientation of their device, or the app might even crash. So to compensate, the NOOK team recommends locking the orientation.

The NOOK team also says that if readers sign out of their accounts, then sign back in again, their apps may crash.

“Please note that not everyone will experience these issues. And for those who do, be assured we are working as quickly as we can to resolve them,” the email states.

Barnes & Noble will likely issue an app update very soon which should eliminate these bugs introduced by updating to iOS 7. Of course, the recommendation from TNM is to hold off a little bit with updating your mobile operating system and let others enjoy discovering the bugs that have been introduced.

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