September 17, 2013 Last Updated 1:11 pm

Apple to allow older versions of apps to exist for older devices

The word is that Apple will now allow for the downloading of older apps for users of iPhone and iPads that are not being supported by iOS 7 and newer versions of the mobile operating system. When this only applies to Apple built apps or all apps from developers will be interesting to see.

Oldapps-iPhone5-smIf true, it could add some life to some of the older apps still living inside the App Store, and would be helpful for developers when the time comes to launch a brand new app, an older app can still exist for owners of older devices.

For instance, when a developer is replacing an old app with a brand new one, rather than updating the old app they might consider launching a brand new, and designating the old app as only being for older iPhones.

For right now, the thought is that this ability to download older apps will mostly apply to the apps Apple develops. With the launch of iOS 7 tomorrow, Apple will be offering new versions of its own apps, and probably a new one or two. For owners of original iPhones up through the iPhone 3GS, the new apps simply will not work on their devices as these phones can not handle iOS 7. The value here is that older devices will have a longer life. (My original iPhone, for instance, is being used an iPod.)

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