September 16, 2013 Last Updated 11:03 am

Future plc issues important ‘under the hood’ app updates in preparation for launch of iOS 7

There are a number of digital publishing professionals who have told me that this latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system will be an especially important one. iOS 7 not only introduces a new look and feel, but plenty of “under the hood” changes that may effect the performance of many existing applications.

Digital publishing platform companies have been on top of the situation, issuing revisions to the platform to make sure their publishing clients won’t wake up Wednesday, the day iOS 7 is released, to find their readers screaming at them.

PhotographyWeek-iPad-new-lgFuture plc is both a magazine publisher and a platform owner, owning the FutureFolio system. Future’s digital editions run the gamut from digital-only titles like Photography Week and Football Week, to replica editions.

The UK publisher has been very busy issuing updates to its iOS Newsstand apps for the past week or so, today issuing a series of them for such titles as Rhythm, Total Vauxhall and PC Gamer.

Each app description identical, letting readers know that the update issued is an important technical update and that if the reader encounters problems they should let the development team know immediately.

This update also includes under the hood performance enhancements to ensure you have the best possible user experience.

We’d love for you to rate our app on the App Store as it’s great to read your reviews – However we can’t respond there, so if you have any problems please don’t hesitate to contact us via the app, directly at or you can visit our help page:

This is a smart, and very customer-centric way to handle this, and in stark contrast to a number of magazine publishers who write very vague, marketing-oriented app descriptions that basically tell the reader nothing and leave them often frustrated with the publisher.

The release of iOS 7 is right around the corner, and unlike the Android platform and its users, iPhone and iPad owners tend to update their devices quickly. This update, though, comes with new icons, new navigation, and a new user interface, unlike previous updates. Because of this, it is bound to bring lots of reactions and a bit of controversy.

But magazine publishers, and their developers and platform owners, would like nothing more than for Wednesday to come and go uneventfully. With over 100 apps in the Apple App Store, Future plc’s team is busy, trying their best to make sure that happens.

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