September 16, 2013 Last Updated 7:58 am

Former CNN and MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson officially launches OZY, a daily news site based on Mountain View

The former cable TV news anchor Carlos Watson has issued a press release announcing the launch of a new daily news website called OZY. The digital news venture is backed by Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple’s Steve Jobs, as well as Ron Conway, David Drummond, Larry Sonsini and Dan Rosensweig.

Here is the press release:

OZY, A Daily Digital Magazine for the Change Generation

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–Former CNN/MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson and his team have launched OZY, a new kind of daily news and information site that brings readers up to speed on what happened over the past 24 hours and then vaults them ahead by previewing eight new people, places, ideas and trends each day. OZY will be the place where readers get a little smarter, a little sooner.

logoInspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley’s famous poem “Ozymandias,” OZY’s motto is, “Think big but be humble.” Its goal is to help readers see more, be more and most importantly, do more. OZY is available on web, tablet and mobile and features two key elements.

The Presidential Daily Brief: First, OZY readers will catch up on the top news of the day with a deftly curated collection of the top ten news stories from around the globe. This section is called the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) — named after the morning briefings that U.S. presidents have received for decades. The PDB will gather the most critical and intriguing stories across news, business, politics, pop culture and sports, drawn not only from leading U.S. sources but also from top international sources as well (e.g., Times of India, Der Spiegel, Cape Times and more). The PDB will offer OZY’s take on what happened, why it matters, and what might be ahead.

The Daily Dose: Next OZY will help readers learn about the new and the next with eight smart features, including profiles of new people and stories on emerging trends, provocative ideas or cool stuff. The content categories include:

  • Rising Stars & Provocateurs(profiles of new and/or provocative people)
  • Fast Forward (hot trends)
  • Good Sh*t (cool recommendations of new books, movies, travel, etc.)
  • Resolved (provocative new idea or debate)
  • Flashback (insightful historical anecdotes)
  • C-Note (opinion pieces from Watson and others)
  • Acumen (eye-opening piece of data)
  • Performance (tasty performance snippet)

Global, Mobile & Stylish

Designed for consumption across mobile devices, tablets and laptops, OZY articles and videos will be smart, punchy and original. OZY readers want to know what’s new and different not just in the U.S., but around the globe. In addition to solid substance, OZY has a great style: sleek, modern, colorful site design; compelling “make you stop and stare” pictures; creative, well-produced video, audio and infographics.

The OZY Family

Watson, co-founder Samir Rao and the OZY team are backed by leading Silicon Valley investors including Laurene Powell Jobs, Ron Conway, David Drummond, Larry Sonsini and Dan Rosensweig.

Key executives include Engineering VP Praveen Vasireddy, formerly with Zinio and eBay; and Editorial Director Liz Lufkin, a former Yahoo Home Page VP and Deputy Managing Editor of the USA Today.

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