September 12, 2013 Last Updated 6:30 pm

Postmedia newspapers to run five-part series, release eBook on Canadian PM Stephen Harper

The Canadian newspaper chain Postmedia Network will begin running a five-part series on the Prime Minister of Canada beginning on Monday September 16. The series will also be released as an eBook through a partnership with HarperCollins Publishers.

rebel-ebook-smRebel to Realist: How politics changed Stephen Harper and how he is changing Canada, authored by Mark Kennedy, will be available in the online bookstores at Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon, Google Books, Kobo, Sony and Barnes & Noble. The cost of the eBook is $3.99.

The announcement mentions that the series features interactive elements such as quizzes and video, but does not mention if the eBook will be interactive or a simple ePub book. (The book is an 80-page Kindle Edition on and the sample that can be accessed in the Apple iBookstore shows the eBook to definitely be an ePub product, not an interactive eBook.)

“This is the kind of book Canadians and political enthusiasts will want to read, talk about and share with others,” said Lou Clancy, Senior Vice President, Content, Postmedia Network. “Rebel to Realist delivers some very powerful insights about Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his political career and personal life as he marks the 20th anniversary of his arrival in Parliament.”