September 12, 2013 Last Updated 1:18 pm

La Presse updates its innovative tablet edition, adds web and Wikipedia research

The Quebec newspaper La Presse today updated its innovative newspaper tablet edition La Presse+. The update adds the ability of the reader to access the web and Wikipedia research from within the newspaper content, as well as other “minor improvements” (améliorations mineures).

LaPresse-iPad-update-lgThe Newsstand tablet edition remains, at least in my mind, one of the few really original attempts to translate the newspaper to the iPad. Most other newspaper apps try simply to reform that paper’s website for the tablet environment. La Presse+ remimagines the newspaper in digital form in a way I find refreshing.

The app was certainly not one of the first released for the iPad. But by waiting a while, the newspaper was able to make sure they incorporated all the features readers would expect – social media sharing, multimedia, native tablet navigation – while also attempting to make a product that feels like it could only work on a tablet.

La Presse is a French language daily so looking in the U.S. App Store for reader feedback is futile. But in the Canadian store one sees that the app has gotten overwhelmingly positive reader reviews.

“Une révolution,” writes one reader.

“Vivre est simple mais grandir est un choix! Bravo à La Presse,” writes another.

The app is free of charge to both download and access the contents.

  • Raymonde 4 years ago

    LaPresse+ est wonderful! That’s it that’s all.