September 11, 2013 Last Updated 7:12 am

Time Inc. adds retina support to Sports Illustrated tablet edition

In December of 2009 The Wonderfactory released a demo video of what Sports Illustrated would look like on a tablet (see below). It coincided with the rumors that Apple would release an iSlate, or whatever its first tablet would be called. It was assumed that if Apple did, indeed, release a tablet that SI would be among the first to appear on it.

SI-iPad-cover-lgBut Time Inc. did not release its first iPad edition for SI until late June, well after other magazines such as Bonnier’s Popular Science.

Releasing a few months after the launch of the original iPad was not that big a deal – after all, the total number of readers owning the tablet was very low compared to today. But the app had other issues: it was released forcing print readers to repurchase the magazine, it did not offer subscriptions and enter the Newsstand until well after other magazines. And until today it did not support Apple’s iPads with retina display.

The new update for Sports Illustrated Magazine, which is listed as version 26.3.2 – mostly because of a slip of the finger by the development team – finally brings with it retina support. Unfortunately, readers are claiming that it has also brought along a rash of bugs, too.

One reviewer says the app update is a “total failure.”

“Installed upgrade. Freezes at startup screen and I believe library of downloaded magazines has disappeared as I now have 1.5 GB of extra space on my ipad2. Download at your own risk!!!” said the reader.

Another says “After being prompted to update, I’m not able to access my past issues and current issue that I should have access (to). I have a subscription through iTunes now being prompted to log in with an acct name a number I’ve never had. Whats up?”

It’s possible that readers who have downloaded the update than beaten the development team to the punch and that these back-end problems will be fixed some time today. Or… we can look forward to SI’s iPad edition getting another update very soon.

Trip down memory lane: here is that original demo video from December of 2009:

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