September 10, 2013 Last Updated 3:28 pm

Apple iPhone event free from surprises; GM of iOS 7 released to developers

I really wasn’t going to do a wrap-up post on the Apple iPhone event today due to its complete lack of news to come out of it, but then realized that one of the best reasons to write something is so that I (and you) can refer back to it at some later date.

iPhone5c-smAs usual the tech sites will have the full run down on the event today, but here is all you really need to know:

New iPhone 5s: significantly upgraded specs, especially its chip. The phone will also come with a finger print sensor, something I’m sure the NSA insisted on. The phone may disappoint a lot of tech writers – but I remember that they were very unimpressed with the launch of the iPhone 4S, and that proved to be a damn good phone. The big thing for developer is that the iPhone 5s is a 64-bit phone, and that will mean more horsepower.

New iPhone 5c: it’s plastic, it comes in colors, and it will be the second price tier phone. What else is there to say? Kids may love it, and parents get to save a hundred bucks.

iOS 7: launches September 18 for both iPhones and iPads. The gold master is out now for developers (go get it).

iTunes Radio: launches September 18.

That’s it, which probably explains why Apple’s stock is tanking this afternoon. (OK, to be honest, it usually falls a bit following an event. And as the market is about to close it looks like the stock will end up flat for the day of trading.)

Apple-stock-smWhat was missing for the event was any news on iPads, OS X Mavericks, Apple TV, or iBooks Author. None of this is a surprise, though I think the total lack of any surprises is itself a surprise. Why did Tim Cook bother to show up, it makes him look like the leader of a company that has run out of steam. I’m not sure this is really true, but there was no reason for the CEO of the company to be there today when this was such a mundane, business-as-usual type of event.

So, what’s next? An October event, that’s for sure. Last year event was held on October 23 – look for something on the 22nd this year (also a Tuesday). I think this event will be huge for Apple, or a disaster. This will be their last chance to build some excitement for the holiday season, and expectations will be even higher than they were for today’s event because so little came out of it.

We know that OS X Mavericks will bring with it iBooks for the Mac. That would require, I would think, a new version of iBooks Author. Will it also bring with it the ability of iBooks Author to create eBooks for the iPhone. Doubtful, but a lot of people are hoping it will.

New iPads will be released and the only thing that could go wrong there would be if the iPad mini is not upgraded with a retina display – it better be as that is my Christmas gift to myself.

Anything else? Yes, something for the Apple TV and maybe a new product like the iWatch (I actually hope not).

I guess that’s it.

Most tech writers are holding their tongues this time around. The last time Apple had an event that seemed this minor they complained pretty loudly but were proved wrong with strong sales. My own instincts tell me that this one was not a winner. I don’t see that in this political environment, following all the spying revelations, that Apple will get a pass on this finger print sensor. I’m sure it’s been in the works a long time, but no one trusts any tech company right now – they’ve all shot their credibility with the public. As for the new iPhone itself, the two-year upgrade cycle should guarantee sales, that and the trade-in programs. Further, it looks like a damn good phone. But I already have a damn good phone, it’s an iPhone 5.