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Flood of Magazine Publishers Entering E-Book Single Market – Thin Reads

Howard Polskin of Thin Reads has an excellent round-up of some of the magazine publishers who releasing eBook singles, those shorter eBooks such as Kindle Singles. Thin Reads specializes in the growing eBook singles category and has a new releases section on both fiction and non-fiction.

His latest post mentions the magazines Discover, Philadelphia Magazine, Fast Company, The Atlantic, Esquire, GQ, National Geographic and Publishers Weekly.

Flood of Magazine Publishers Entering E-Book Single Market

Obsesseed-ebook-smIn the last month, a number of major magazine brands have jumped head-first into the e-book single market. Since Aug. 16, Discover, Fast Company and Philadelphia Magazine have published significant works of nonfiction that have been released as e-book singles. These developments should be watched closely in the community of print content creators. Any sales success will ignite hopes among magazine and newspaper publishers about tapping into an important new revenue stream based entirely on consumer demand.

Here’s a roundup of the magazine involvement in the e-book single space that Thin Reads has tracked this summer.

Discover. When Editor-in-Chief Steve George was hired almost a year ago, he had his eye on publishing e-book singles for a brand that was synonymous with deeply researched, deeply informed stories. “Standalone stories that people could buy on an à la carte basis seemed like a no brainer,” he said…

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