September 5, 2013 Last Updated 7:19 am

Less than a week until Apple iPhone event, so rumors heat up

Morning Brief:

Expectations are about as low as I’ve ever seen for the next Apple launch event. Everyone appears to agree that Apple will launch a modified version of the iPhone 5 and investors and consumers appear to pretty bored with the idea. So now rumors about the event are centering on the idea that maybe, just maybe new iPads will be unveiled on the 10th along side the iPhone.

Apple-iOS7-screen-lgThe problem with these rumors are that Apple would generally only do this if the updates were modest. But rumors concerning the iPad are a little more interesting than those for the iPhone. Most say that Apple will redesign their larger iPad to make it a bit smaller and more like the iPad mini, reducing the bezel size, especially the width. Rumors about the mini center on a retina display with the form factor remaining the same.

That is not to say that there would not be internal changes, but consumers are not as obsessed with the tech specs as the tech media crowd is.

My own opinion is that there are only two reasons to combine the iPhone and iPad event: one, the iPhone event just isn’t very exciting and Apple will need to generate buzz so why not combine the events; and two, if there is another event planned for the fall, and for the holiday season, to introduce another, different consumer product than compressing the schedule would make sense.

Why any of this matters, of course, is because along with the annual changes to smartphones and tablets comes the OS change and publishers and developers must make sure that their digital editions still function as expected following their introduction.

icon_ibooksiOS 7 and the introduction of OS X Mavericks for the Mac will bring a number of important changes.

The big change for the Mac, as far as publishers are concerned, will be the introduction of iBooks. Now, books consumers have on their phones and tablets will be available for them on the Mac, including touch books.

While research conducted a few years ago showed that readers rated the reading experience of the PC environment last, the emergence of smaller laptops such as the MacBook Air may have changed this a bit for some consumers. But whatever the case may be, publishers will appreciate knowing that the books they have designed for the iPad will work on the Mac just as well.

MagPlus-review-app-icon-smDigital publishing platforms, meanwhile, have been busy making sure their platforms have accommodated the mobile OS changes – both technically and design-wise.

Mag+, which a while ago updated its platform, issued another update to bring it up to version 4.3. If developers did not see the email from Mag+ yesterday they will notice the update available for the Mag+ Reviewer app )which allows for the previewing of files on their devices).

The update to 4.3 introduces the ability to embed HTML that will open to a new window, like a link, and support for offline images for ad blocks.