September 5, 2013 Last Updated 3:49 pm

Hearst Magazines UK updates Esquire Newsstand app to add weekly editions

The Newsstand app for the UK edition of Esquire has been updated to add in a weekly edition. Esquire UK will now house both the monthly edition and weekly edition inside the same app library. Weekly editions are priced at £4.99 for a 6-month subscription and £9.99 for an annual subscription. Single issues are also available for purchase.

EsquireUKWeekly-iPad-lgThe U.S. version of Esquire launched its own weekly editions back in May, so one might conclude that the experiment on this side of the pond encouraged a similar experiment on the other side.

“We still have a loyal readership in print but there is a whole world of men out there who didn’t grow up in the time of the men’s magazines,” Alex Bilmes, the editor of Esquire told The Guardian on Monday. “They don’t know how good Esquire is and don’t visit newsagents. We need to be where they are. We have the content, now we have to deliver it”.

The approach to the weekly edition is similar to its “enhanced edition” (I hate that term), in that it is a native tablet edition using the Adobe DPS.

“Most magazines are really just glorified PDFs under glass,” Bilmes told The Guardian. “Esquire Weekly is not a magazine, it is a weekly version of Esquire specifically made for tablets. You couldn’t print it. It is interactive and very functional, a digest and guide to getting the best out of the next seven days for smart, switched-on men.”

(I would assume a switch-off man would be dead, but whatever.)

The UK app for Esquire still features a replica version of the print edition right along side the “enhanced” native tablet edition. As the weekly edition is digital-only, it was logical to design it specifically for tablet reading. It would be interesting to see the stats for the two editions to compare their performance.

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