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UK newspapers react to vote in the House of Commons

Morning Brief:

The Obama administration said it would issue a report today outlining its evidence that the Assad regime is responsible for the chemical attack which occurred last week in Syria. The report will come one day too late for David Cameron, the British Prime Minister who lost a humiliating vote yesterday in the House of Commons as enough members of the Conservative Party voted against the measure to deal Cameron a stinging defeat.

TimesUK-front-lg“It is clear to me that the British Parliament, reflecting the will of the British people, does not want military action,” Cameron said in admitting defeat.

The British papers then went to town, calling Cameron’s defeat “humiliating” “humbling” “shocking”. It was the first sign that the march to war would not be without at least some opposition from politicians – at least in the UK, as no such vote is scheduled in the Congress as members continue on their break with no plans to reconvene to consider whether to approve or disapprove military action.

“It was a disaster for the prime minister who misjudged his party,” said the Times (UK). “It was a disaster for the country, which turned its back on its tradition of standing up to tyranny. It was a disaster for the western alliance, split apart by British failure to stand with its allies.”

The Sun, another Murdoch paper, also expressed disappointment, though both papers remains behind paywalls despite the big news day.

NYDN-front-lgMost papers in the US concentrated on the idea that the US may go it alone. But the Daily News played up the British angle by proclaiming that “The British Aren’t Coming!”

UN inspectors are expected to be out of Syria by Saturday, which means any attack could occur over the Labor Day weekend. But without British involvement the Americans are left with only the French willing to participate in any military action – an ironic twist of fate considering it was the French which expressed doubts about the Iraq War, the very thing on the minds of the members of the House of Commons when they cast their votes against Syrian action.

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