August 26, 2013 Last Updated 10:24 am

Apple rumors focus on faster chip; AWS problems hits Instagram, Netflix, Vine users

Morning Brief:

There is not much excitement about this year’s iPhone event to be held September 10 in San Francisco. The rumor mill seems in agreement that the new phone will be called the iPhone 5s and that it will feature a faster “A7” chip. But beyond that the tech sites are struggling to build any sort of excitement for the Apple event.

That may spell trouble for Apple, but it is even worse for the tech sites which count on Apple fans to drive traffic.

The big spikes in traffic usually come two to three weeks before a major launch event, the biggest of these probably was the original iPad event in 2010. But each fall, when Apple rolls out its newest version of the iPhone, tech sites can usually count on some level of reader increase.

This year’s iPhone rumors are pretty lame. Photo evidence shows that Apple is going back to plastic phones for its lower end iPhone, a return to the bad days of the iPhone 3G. No one gets excited about a drop in quality and an obvious attempt to boost profits at the expense of the user experience. So what is there to write about.

Things are not much better moving forward, either. Most followers of Apple expect that the iPhone event will be followed up one month later with an iPad event and not much is expected new there either, though a retina iPad mini might be a significant improvement for publishers who would be happy to see some consistency with screen resolutions.

While these next two months may be a dud for the tech sites they may proven fruitful for the financial news sites who recently have had little to write about concerning Apples stock. Two weak launch events certainly could provide lots of news concerning Apple’s stock price – then there is the earnings report in late October.

Problems with Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers in Virginia caused service issues for users of Instagram, Netflix, Vine and other services yesterday afternoon. Many companies rely on AWS for their server services, especially companies that need to stream large amounts of information to users.

The problems at AWS were of a fairly short duration and this morning AWS services appear based on the AWS Service Health Dashboard.

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