August 22, 2013 Last Updated 8:03 am

College football time must be near, the Notre Dame Athletics iPad app gets an update

Here in the Chicago area our own Big Ten college football team, Northwestern, has a hard time getting much attention. The school, which is one of the premier universities in the country, has even ran to an ad campaign to remind people of the team’s existence. The problem is that right down the road, in Indiana, is the team many here have followed since the days of Knute Rockne, the University of Notre Dame.

Last year the team made it to the BCS Championship game so naturally an app was released. The iPad app was produced by the university and Joe Zeff Design, so you know it would be more than just a replica of some print commemorative magazine.

NotreDameAthl-iPad-update-lgNow its football season again. Really. It is. And so Notre Dame Athletics has been updated and an Interactive Yearbook has been brought into the app’s library.

In some ways I would say that this is an even better app for publishers to look at as at times it feels very much like any other digital magazine. But then again those animations, and the way they lead you into the issue, tell you that this one is something special.

The app is built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite but does not reside in the Newsstand as there is no expectation of a regular update. The app is free of charge to download as is the yearbook. The yearbook weighs in at 467 MB on my iPad, but uses progressive downloading so it opens before the download is complete to let you view the opening video.

Here is a walk-through video that shows a small portion of the app following the update:

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