August 21, 2013 Last Updated 1:57 pm

Mag+ announces partnership with Appboy to provide added reader engagement and communications tools

The digital publishing platform company Mag+ today announced that they will be partnering with Appboy, a New York-based mobile relationship management solutions company. Publishers who use the Mag+ platform to create their tablet and mobile editions can now add on the Appboy suite of tools to create reader profiles and segments to send out targeted messages.

“We are thrilled to help the nearly 1,500 Mag+ apps build a long-term, sustainable business in mobile. By giving publishers tools to understand and communicate with their readers on an individual level, we enable them to drive higher engagement and move their audience down the purchase funnel, said Mark Ghermezian, CEO of Appboy in the announcement.

MagplusReviewer_Feedback-lgMike Haney, co-founder and chief creative officer of Mag+. described Appboy in general terms as “an add-on tool that allows you to manage your relationship with your customers.”

“The thing that most people come up right away is the segmented messaging. This is an add-on to your Mag+ app that allows you to send targeted messages to your users.”

“That’s a real paradigm shift from what you’ve been able to do in the past,” Haney told TNM.

“The only real communications channel you have with your user today is a push notification. You don’t typically have email unless people have logged-in via some sort of authentication system, but for your out-of-the-box iTunes users, unless they’ve opted in via subscription, you are very limited in your communications channels. And certainly in-app, you can talk to them via your issues, but there is no real communication channel other than push notification which are a pretty blunt instruments.”

Mag+ and Appboy’s partnership brings the following benefits to users of the Mag+ platform:

  • Understanding digital magazine readers and their key in-app behaviors
  • Converting passive users into paid subscribers through targeted offers and upsells
  • Promoting engaged readership via push notifications, in-app messages and email
  • Automating marketing efforts to reduce time spent managing campaigns
  • Minimizing negative app store reviews via an in-app customer support tool

“The nice thing about Appboy is now you can segment your user’s based on things that they’ve done: how much money they’ve spent on the app; whether they’ve ever downloaded an issue; how many times they’ve opened it, whether or not they are a subscriber,” Haney said.

“You can start to break them into groups and start to send targeted, relevant messages. So it is not just annoying spam from their perspective, but is something that is really aimed to them.”

The service costs $99 per month to add on, though Mag+ is offering a free full-featured 30-day trial.

“One of the things we like about Appboy, and the reason we are working with them,” Haney said, “is they are really interested in the publishing space. They are an extremely responsive company, and when we have this kind of relationship with our third party partners – like a Localytics or an Appboy – we are able to move very quickly, we are able to be very responsive. So when customers start using this and go ‘man, what we really need to track for this campaign’ we can implement that. We can do it, we can get it out there right away.”

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