August 21, 2013 Last Updated 3:46 pm

HP revenue falls 8%, CEO says ‘we are making progress’

The Palo Alto tech giant Hewlett Packard reported Q3 earnings after the bell this afternoon, reporting revenue fell 8 percent versus a year ago as all segments of the business declined other than software which reported a modest uptick.

“I remain confident that we are making progress in our turnaround,” said Meg Whitman, HP president and chief executive officer. “We are already seeing significant improvement in our operations, we are successfully rebuilding our balance sheet, our cost structure is more closely aligned with our revenue and we have reignited innovation at HP, with a focus on the customer.”


Segment performance as stated from the earnings announcement:

Third quarter fiscal 2013 segment results

  • Personal Systems revenue was down 11% year over year with a 3.0% operating margin. Commercial revenue decreased 3% and Consumer revenue declined 22%. Total units were down 8% with Desktops units down 9% and Notebooks units down 14%.
  • Printing revenue declined 4% year over year with a 15.6% operating margin. Total hardware units were up 5% with Commercial hardware units up 12% and Consumer hardware units up 2%. Supplies revenue was down 4%.
  • Enterprise Group revenue declined 9% year over year with a 15.2% operating margin. Networking revenue was flat, Industry Standard Servers revenue was down 11%, Business Critical Systems revenue was down 26%, Storage revenue was down 10% and Technology Services revenue was down 7%.
  • Enterprise Services revenue declined 9% year over year with a 3.3% operating margin. Application and Business Services revenue was down 11% and Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing revenue declined 7%.
  • Software revenue was up 1% year over year with a 20.5% operating margin. Support revenue was up 4%, license revenue was flat, professional services revenue was down 11% and SaaS revenue was up 4%.
  • HP Financial Services revenue was down 6% year over year with a 4% decrease in net portfolio assets and a 9% decrease in financing volume. The business delivered an operating margin of 11.3%.

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