August 19, 2013 Last Updated 1:34 pm

First look: Three new tablet editions from Europe

It has been a while since a flood of brand new tablet editions were released. Instead, we have been seeing a lot of updates to existing Newsstand apps as publishers rush to get their updates in before Apple’s roll out of iOS 7.

Here are three new apps from European publishers, each very different from the other.

AtlasDenmark-lgATLAS Magasin is from Denmark and is a political journal that has built its iPad Newsstand app very much in the look of The Magazine or the apps coming from 29th Street Publishing or TypeEngine.

The digital edition is free to download and the current issue is also available for free. Reading Danish will be most helpful here.

“Atlas Magazine is a politically independent Danish contemporary magazine,” reads the app description once translated.

“The objective of ATLAS is to write serious and a little bit different on cultural and social issues.

With our latest release for the iPad, you get the best articles from the website, as well as exclusive content in a new format.”

Demanio-iPad-lgDemanio Magazine serves a more commercial purpose: Italian public real estate development. Because of this, the tablet edition offers the content in Italian, English and Chinese, which I am sure reflects the realities of which nations are considered the most likely to invest.

This Newsstand app is designed to be used in landscape and is native in design.

As the digital magazine is designed for a commercial purpose both the app and the issue inside is free of charge.

“The idea of an app dedicated to Italian public real estate arose from the awareness that digital technologies are now essential to improve awareness of our current initiatives, development projects, and other opportunities to participate in creating public property value,” wrote Stefano Scalera, director, Agenzia del Demanio, in the tablet edition’s introductory column.

“Demanio Magazine is, therefore, a new channel of communications for the Agenzia del Demanio which integrates with existing channels to provide more visibility into the core business activities of the Agency, and to stimulate public participation in consultations, auctions and tenders.”

HospitalMedicine-UK-lgThe British Journal of Hospital Medicine Newsstand app is probably the least interesting of the trio of new apps. The publisher of MA Business & Leisure and this is their sixth title to land in the Newsstand, each is a replica edition.

This particular magazine is very difficult to read, even on a large iPad, though pinch to zoom helps a bit. The publisher has also released the app inside Google Play.

This division is part of the Mark Allen Group.

The app comes with a free sample issue, which is nice considering that the individual digital editions cost $13.99 in the U.S. store, £9.99 in the U.K. Annual subscriptions are £99.99. (According to the website, a subscription to the print edition of the magazine costs £204, so maybe there is some incentive to suffer through reading a replica edition.)

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