August 16, 2013 Last Updated 3:00 pm

iPhotographer Magazine covers iPhone photography in a native tablet edition

The number of new photography magazines launched for the iPad over the past year or so is probably the result of the obvious way photography is displayed on the tablet’s display. Whether there is room for so many titles in the Apple Newsstand, and whether the audience will be able to easily find the new titles is something that has a lot of publishers up at night.

iPhoto-iPad2-lgLaunched just this week is iPhotographer Magazine, a natively designed Newsstand app covering iPhone photography. The magazine was released under the developer account name of iNewCo which also has a novelty iPhone app in Apple’s App Store called GlassMeApp.

The folks behind the new magazine are Petr Palan who is the publisher, and Knox Bronson, who is the editor.

The team appears to be using the Mag+ platform to create a portrait-only digital magazine that can be a bit busy, but when seen in the free preview issue. One might guess that as the team produces more issues that this is toned down. Not surprisingly, that first issue weighs in at 419 MB, at the upper end of what readers will tolerate.

But there is a lot of heavy material here including video and audio content, much more than you might expect in a magazine dedicated to photography. As a result, the photography seems to take a back seat. Hopefully, this, too, will change over time.

The digital layouts take advantage of a feature that allows the designer to lay in a photography into the background of the page and then layer over it text boxes and other elements. To remove all the content other than background photography the reader double taps the screen. This is a bit unusual in that many digital magazines use the double tap to bring up navigation, but the designers utilized this nicely and quite a number of the photographs are worth double tapping.

Monthly subscriptions are priced at $3.99, while an annual subscription is $18.99. I personally feel that is fair pricing, but sadly the price pressures publishers are feeling from low subscription rates is driving down the price of a typical monthly sub to only $1.99. Let’s hope iPhotographer can sustain its pricing, it would be a good sign.

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