August 15, 2013 Last Updated 8:50 am

ABC releases latest circulation figures for UK digital editions

The Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) today released the latest report on paid circulation for digital editions in the U.K. Of the top ten digital editions, three different editions of The Economist were listed with the Continental Europe Edition at number one with 14,116 paid.

Future’s Total Film was ranked second with 12,280 in total paid digital circulation, with GQ ranked third at 12,231.

ABC-UK-digital-8-13-smThe ABC is now reporting on the digital circulations of 86 titles, up from 61 last year. Total circulation being reported is now at 294,341, a 64 percent increase over last year. Of course, only a small portion of total digital circulation is reported by the ABC, but monitoring the numbers over time does give one a snapshot of how the tablet publishing platform is growing.

The ABC released an infographic of the top ten magazine circulations (PDF link here, or click on image at right).

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