August 14, 2013 Last Updated 2:05 pm

Chicago Athlete Magazine enters the Apple Newsstand

The free local area magazine Chicago Athlete Magazine has entered the Apple Newsstand today with a universal app. The new app appears under the magazine’s own name in the App Store, the first for the media property.

ChiAthlMag-cover-smThe app does not reveal the name of the platform but I have to assume the app comes from Yudu as the magazine is using that service to display a Flash flipbook version of the title online. Chicago Athlete publishes ten issues a year.

Free distribution magazines have some of the same issues when going digital as B2B magazines that have qualified readership. Consumer magazines can justify new tablet editions, in general, based on new paid subscriptions, or maintaining the rate base. A free publication generally sees any new tablet edition simply as an added expense.

This is why I am not entirely against replica editions. (Another good reason is archives.) When the same company can assist you with an online version, as well as an app version, there is good reason to consider that option.

As apps go, this one offers lots of instructions under the Help button, and the newly released app comes not only with the latest issue but last month’s, as well.

Being a Newsstand app, readers will be able to sign up for free so that their issues will download automatically.

It should also be noted that this particular app opens up with an invitation to sign up for an email alert. This is unusual and a sign that Apple is very open to these kinds of solicitations. For B2B publishers an alert like this could be designed to encourage the reader to complete a reader card similar to a reader response card.

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