August 9, 2013 Last Updated 1:33 pm

UK newspaper circulation tumbles in July according to latest ABC reports

The latest Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) newspaper reports for UK newspapers is a depressing site to behold as the majority of leading newspapers saw their paid circulation continue to decline.

The Sun, the UK’s largest circulation tabloid, says circulation fall 10.57 percent in July to 2,281,301 from 2,550,859 a year ago in July. The Daily Mail saw circulation fall 7.25 percent to 1,781,968 from 1,921,239 a year ago. Only The Times did not see its daily circulation fall by a significant amount as it lost less than one percent to 400,245 from 404,099.

UKNews-chart-lgThe Guardian’s daily circulation fell below 200,000 to 191, 182, a decline of 8.68 percent.

Sunday circulation, which is not as important in the UK as the US (as many US papers have significantly higher circulation on Sunday than daily) also fell across the board.

The Observer, which is the Sunday edition for the daily Guardian, saw its circulation fall over 10 percent to 220,315 from 245,094. The Daily Star declined over 25 percent, though its total reach is considerably lower that The Sun and The Sunday Mail. Even The Sunday Times fell badly, declining 8.12 percent to 844,767 from 919,424, a far bigger fall than the paper experienced with its daily edition.

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