August 8, 2013 Last Updated 5:44 am

sisterMAG updates their tablet editions for iOS and Android, German and English editions use PressMatrix platform

It is harder and harder to keep up with both the new digital magazine launches and the updates to the apps supporting them. Recent changes to the way Apple organizes its Newsstand has made it harder than ever to find newly released magazines. But, on the other hand, these changes are bringing the app updates to the front of searches so that previously missed titles might be seen for the first time.

Sistermag-library-lgOne of those previously missed digital magazines is sisterMAG, the app version of the online magazine. Published by sisters Toni and Thea, the digital-only magazine is available in German and English language editions within the same app.

Published bi-monthly, sisterMAG covers topics ranging from technology, digital trends or fashion to food, DIY and other lifestyle issues. sisterMAG addresses a group of women, which has been neglected by many traditional publishing houses so far: These are widely interested, well-educated, independent women who are enthusiastic about the digital world and who want to read intelligent information presented in an appealing design.

The app description will be appear in German or English depending on the App Store one visits (here is the English iOS app, the German iOS app). Out of pure curiosity I visited the French store to see which version would appear – it’s the German version.

The tablet magazine editions remind me very much of those that come out of MagCast. The design is native in that the designers have built their magazine pages with the iPad specs in mind. But the app solution, PressMatrix, is PDF based, so the way the app feels very much like a replica edition.

Sistermag-article-lgThe articles are easy to read in portrait because the designer did not need to shrink down the pages, but the app supports landscape and here the app runs into some difficulties as two portrait pages are then displayed. Despite the fact that the pages in portrait are easily read, the app pulls up a text version of the story when tapped – again, what you would expect from a replica edition. Also, the app appears under the name of the developer rather than the publisher – again, something very common with replica makers more so than native digital publishing platforms.

I suppose one really should call this a replica – but it is a replica of the online, desktop designed publication rather than any existing print edition.

But it should be said, that like the MagCast digital magazines, this one is far more enjoyable to read that those magazines that have chosen to shrink down their pages for digital. This digital edition contains plenty of native digital features such as links and other features.

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