August 7, 2013 Last Updated 11:47 am

Newly launched AGOGO app aggregates audio programming on your iPhone

There are lots of radio apps for the iPhone and other mobile devices, but each simple makes available the stations that are available for streaming. They are, it should be said, one of the biggest reasons I loved the iPhone back in the early days, it was like the rebirth of the transistor radio days.

AGOGO-iPhone5-lgBut those apps only aggregate stations, they don’t aggregate programming. The difference is like comparing the Apple Newsstand to Flipboard: one app contains all the digital magazines you might want, while the other allows you to gather together articles from different magazines into one app.

The newly launched AGOGO iPhone app fills the void.

The new audio app was launched today, and while the app description is not exactly much help, it does give an idea about what this is all about.

The app opens to the log-in page, though one can browse the app without signing in or creating an account. The basis for the audio content is the channel you create by adding programming. AGOGO provides you with curated channels that help find what you want, these are broken out into categories like Arts & Thinking, Bite Size: News, etc.

AGOGO creates a new pure audio universe by bringing together your favorite programming — news, entertainment, sports, and more — with your premium music services, personalized traffic, audio books, tv programming, and much more. Curated from the freshest, most trusted sources, AGOGO helps you make the most out of every waking moment.

The app supports AirPlay with an icon right at the top of the channel, a good bit of design thinking. It also will continue to play in the background, just as any other radio app will, when you close it out and do something else. These kinds of features, built right into the first version of the app, using are a sign that the developer knows what they are doing.

I think the app has real potential, especially when incorporated into the car. One might think of this as intelligent channel surfing, and I think it reflects the way people are consuming media now.

The nightmare for station owners is that this only accelerates a pattern already underway of losing the audience to a third party aggregator. Radio stations better get used to it as print publishers have been having to deal with this for a while now.

The founder of AGOGO is J.D. Heilprin who was originally from Madison, Wisconsin, attended UCLA, and is now in the Bay Area. Heilprin was co-founder at RioPort and later founded Modern Feed & Supply, the online video guide which launched as and was eventually acquired by CBS.

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