August 2, 2013 Last Updated 8:13 am

Digital magazine publishers update their apps as platforms add devices, features, upgrades

Now that the Apple developer website is back up we seem to be seeing a great number of digital magazine app updates. The reason for this is less the one week Apple’s site was down than the fact that publishers are updating their apps as their digital publishing platforms update their solutions.

iPhone-iOS7-lgSome magazines are issuing updates in preparation for the launch of iOS 7, which will bring with it a new design scheme, but probably the usual set of bugs to be worked out. Developers have been strongly urged by Apple to prepare for the introduction of the new mobile OS and to update their apps appropriately.

But some magazine publishers are simply adding devices to their digital magazine apps. goRogue, for instance, which launched their Alberta city lifestyle app in May (see original TNM post here complete with video walk-through) has taken advantage of their platform’s ability to create an iPhone version to do just that (they are using Mag+).

The major magazine publishing houses are also updating their portfolios of apps. Condé Nast and Hearst, for instance, have all issued app updates this week.

Meanwhile, more traditional app updates are occurring, as well. AOL today issued an update for the universal iOS app for TechCrunch. The list of big fixes and new features on this one is quite long:

TechCrunch-app-icon-smWhat’s New in Version 2.0.5
We’ve been listening to your feedback and have a great new update!

  • Fixed bugs with Facebook and Google+ sharing
  • Optimized the UI for iPhone 5 and iPod 5 devices
  • Added a Europe and Asia channel to the Menu
  • You can now access CrunchBase directly from the Menu, or when there is CrunchBase profile linked in
  • an Article just tap the “CB” logo in the header to dive into the database
  • Ad placements have been reworked so that they don’t interfere now with your navigation!
  • Ability to view Comments directly on the article page
  • Fixed issues with embedded Kickstarter videos
  • Various bug fixes
  • Performance enhancements
  • iPad lovers – we’ve added 2 surprise features for you – see if you can find them and send us your feedback!

1) Twitter (as of iOS 5) and Facebook (as of iOS 6) connections are handled globally within the device Settings app (rather than within each app) – so make sure you allow TC for TW & FB there if you want to use these services.
2) Due to issues with getting inconsistent results, we’ve temporarily removed our Search feature from the app while we switch over to a new provider. We are working on a better experience and will add it back soon. You can still search within the CrunchBase section for CrunchBase profiles.

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